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Special Collection

Haiti and the World: Global Effects of Haitian Tremors – 1791, 2010

Collection launched: 20 Sep 2018

The outbreak of the 1791-1804 Haitian revolution shook the imperial powers of Europe and the U.S. Never before had the enslaved rebelled so powerfully and in the decades to come, the name of the once lucrative colony, Saint-Domingue, provoked anxiety and suspicion. In 2010, Western eyes again turned to Haiti as a devastating earthquake hit the island. Natural forces together with poverty and inadequate infrastructure caused a major humanitarian crisis.

Taking its point of departure in the intersection of politics and aesthetics, this special issue of Karib probes the global responses to and repercussions of these events within the frame of emergent and contemporary modernity.

Mads Anders Baggesgaard
Jonas Ross Kjærgård
Christina Kullberg

This collection was financed by Aarhus University.